My brother

I never cease to be amused by the reactions I get when I tell people that my brother has a band in Vancouver – a rap band – called Social Deviantz

I have had this conversation many times:

X: So, do you have any siblings?

Me: Yeah I have an older brother. He lives in Vancouver.

X: Oh wow, what does he do?cimg7165

Me: He’s a web-designer / rapper.

X: He’s a web-designer what?

Me: A web-designer / rapper.

X: blank stare…

Me: A rapper – as in he raps on the side.

X: confused stare…

Me: Meaning that in addition to working as a web-designer, he also has a band. They make music…rap music. He raps.

X: OH! Ok, I just thought because of that scarf you wear on your head that you’re like super-religious or something.

Me: Unsure of which part of that bizarre statement to respond to first, I proceed to explain the nuances of the dynamics within my family, and that such nuances are present in many Muslim families, particularly those living in non-Muslim countries.

X: So are you still close with your brother?

Me: Absolutely. I love him to death. And you know what? His music rocks!


After a similar conversation with a group of non-Muslim American and British study-abroad students in Egypt, one person turned to me and said “you’re quite an interesting specimen aren’t you”.


April 4, 2009 - Posted by | Personal


  1. hahah
    so do you pray even though your brother is rapper?

    how come no one asked you this question?

    despite the fact that I don’t like rap, but I think he should be happy that he is doing something he likes

    Comment by Raafat | April 5, 2009 | Reply

    • loll, ah bezabt ya Raafat, 7asahom hay2olooly “tab bema 2eno rapper mate2la3y el higab ba2a we khalas”!!

      I don’t like rap music either. In fact, my brother’s is the only rap I ever listen to 🙂

      2ella 2elly 2ally specimen dah…specimen fe 3einoh!

      Comment by lozah | April 5, 2009 | Reply

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